About Us


Maddie (My Fiancè) and Me!

The Eastern Shore is a small peninsula located in the Chesapeake Bay that has long been known for its agricultural roots. As I was searching for a name, I wanted one that represented farm life as well as life on the water. As I began researching the history of Finneys Wharf Road, where I grew up, I learned that my mother's childhood home, on what used to be known as "Finneys Wharf", was a general store. Steamships would come down from Baltimore to deliver and pick up goods, such as potatoes, strawberries, and fertilizer, from this store during the 1800 and 1900s. Although the store changed names over the years to include Boggs and Rogers, it started as Finney & Company. We thought this hub of waterborne commerce would be a perfect combination of tapping into our agricultural history while illustrating the integral role that water plays in our lives. I want the brand to reflect the lifestyle we live here on the Eastern Shore. A lifestyle in which the outdoors, our unique history, and our small-town community hold a special place in our hearts.
- Major Morgan